Aeldari Webway Gate


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ŒæThe Aeldari Webway Gate is HUGE äóñ youäó»ll be able to comfortably fit a Wraithknight between the two halves. You may be wondering how you add this piece of terrain to your games. Weäó»re keen to make sure that every Aeldari army gets access to the Webway Gate, and so, as well as finding rules and matched play points in Codex: Harlequins, youäó»ll also be able to find the datasheet in the box.

Youäó»ll be able to add a Webway Gate to your Drukhari, Craftworlds and Harlequins armies, and you can use it in-game to deploy your units up close to enemy lines äóñ imagine using it to drop in a clutch of Talos Pain Engines, or a pack of Howling Bansheesäó?

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