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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - How will I know when my package ships?
A - You will get an email when the package is marked shipped with all the order details including items ordered, prices for each item and line totals, total order charge, shipping address you entered, order number and USPS delivery confirmation tracking number.

Q - Where is my package?
A - All packages are shipped using USPS with Delivery Confirmation. The USPS tracking information does not update until after the Post Office has received the package and updates along the way till the package is delivered.  On occasion the USPS does not scan the package at all, this is rare but has happened.

Q - Why is my package late?
A - General reasons why your order has not shown up when expected are usually but not limited to USPS shipping delays, USPS holidays, incorrect shipping address provided.

Q - Can you help me find my order?
A - Of course we can. Feel free to contact us by phone at 813.980.6080 or email info at armadagames dot com. Please have your order number when you do, this will help us find your order information faster.

Q - How long does it take to find my order?
A - After the package has shipped we are at the mercy of the USPS for delayed or lost shipments. Once notified of a missing order we contact the USPS with the tracking number for your package and file a case. Generally the USPS takes 1 to 3 business days to respond to the case with any information. When we get any updates from the USPS we will pass that information back to you.

Q - What if I change my mind about an order?
A - Orders are easily changed or cancelled until they are given to the USPS. If an order has already been handed off to the USPS it get tricky from there. In the case that an order has been given to the USPS any changes or cancellations will be held up until the unwanted or incorrect product has been returned.

Q - Do you ship Internationally?
A - At this time, only to Canada.