About Us

Armada Games opened in 2006 in Tampa, FL.  We had this idea of what a game store should be, that idea was to treat the customers fairly not only with decent prices but in the service we provide.

We carry a variety of games and gaming supplies.  We have never been just a card shop, a miniatures shop, a role play game shop.  We are an all encompassing game store aimed at providing good service and a good place to hang out.

We host a large number of weekly and monthly event across many games, such as Magic: the Gathering, Warmachine / Hordes, GuildBall, Warhammer 40k, Star Wars X-Wing, DragonBall Z, numerous board games.  The calendar of our events can be seen here.

We aim to bring the same high level of customer service we use in our store to our online store.


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