August 27, 2020 1 min read


Do you play a game that has frequent expansions? 
Would you like to have confidence that you can get each of the new expansions as they come out? 
Well, we have a new program that is perfect for you! 


Introducing Expansion Subscriptions!

What we do 

Each time an expansion releases for your game, we make sure we get a copy just for you. We craft the Subscription to what you want to get and then make sure we have those for you.

What you do

Let us know which game you want the subscription for and also what items you want to get. 
Example: You want Marvel: Crisis Protocol figures and terrain, but not every game mat that comes out. Well, we get you each figure and terrain set that comes out for Crisis Protocol. 

Games available



Marvel: Crisis Protocol
Marvel Champions
Arkham Horror: the Card Game
Legends of the Five Rings: Living Card Game
Arkham Horror
Mansions of Madness

Other games are available, just ask us about your preferred game if it is not listed. 

Thanks again for being awesome!

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