August 11, 2020 2 min read

There are a whole bunch of new games coming up in the next 6 weeks. We are taking preorders and will have these upon release date (which can change from post here). In order to place a preorder, you can call us (813) 980-6080, message our Facebook page, or let us know when you stop by. 

Cut off for preorders is the Monday of the week of release. Orders placed after that Monday may be delayed until the following week.

We look forward to acquiring more fun stuff for you all. 

Releasing August 14th (Preorder Date August 10th) Our Price
Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game  $13.49
Patchwork Americana $17.99
Crisis Protocol: Spider Man & Ghost Spider $31.49
Crisis Protocol: Green Goblin $26.99
Releasing August 28th (Preorder Date August 24th)
Catan 25th Anniv Ed $71.99
Arkham Horror LCG: Nathaniel Cho $13.49
Arkham Horror LCG: Harvey Walters $13.49
Arkham Horror LCG: Winifred Habbamock $13.49
Arkham Horror LCG: Jacquelinie Fine $13.49
Arkham Horror LCG: Stella Clark $13.49
Crisis Protocol: Cosmic Game Mat $35.99
Papillon $44.99
Releasing Sept 4th (Preorder Date August 31st)
Small World of Warcraft $53.99
Marvel Champions: Rise of Red Skull $35.99
Marvel Champions: Rise of Red Skull Game Mat $22.49
Infinity Gauntlet: a Love Letter Game $13.49
Fallout: Atomic Bonds - Cooperative Upgrade $13.49
Releasing Sept 11th (Preorder Date Sept 7th)
7 Wonders New Edition $53.99
Crisis Protocol: Dr Strange and Wong $35.99
Crisis Protocol: Ant Man and Wasp $35.99
Crisis Protocol: Ghost Rider $35.99
Releasing Sept 18th (Preorder Date Sept 14th)
Splendor Marvel $44.99
Arkham Horror: Under Dark Waves $49.99
Barkham Horror: The Meddling of Meowlathotep $17.99
Cockroach Poker $13.49

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