Warhammer 40k RTT - Aug 17th, 2024

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Only paid entries will be guaranteed a spot.

Choosing In Store Payment will only hold your spot when it is paid for In Store (either over the phone or in person).  You may use your Store Credit account by adding a comment to the Order Notes field in the Cart. 


2000 point matched play tournament at Armada Games on 08/17. Ticket sales will be posted here once available.

As an added bonus, we will be raffling off a ticket to Crucible, a wonderful Warhammer tournament in Orlando! More information can be found here: https://questconorlando.com/crucible

WYSIWYG will be enforced although proxies and conversions will be allowed on a common sense basis.

The RTT will consist of three 2.5 hour rounds with an hour for lunch between the first and second rounds. Doors open at 10:30am, dice roll at 11am.

List submissions will be required and must be submitted by 08/16. Legends units will NOT be legal for this event, however FW versions of otherwise legal units (Land Raider Proteus, Deimos Pattern Rhino, Deimos Pattern Predator, etc) will be playable as their normal counterpart (Land Raider, Rhino, Predator, etc). Painted armies are NOT a requirement and all players will be awarded the 10 points for battle ready regardless of painted status. However I do encourage everyone to paint their models!

If there are any questions please reach out to me at evan.obrien1@gmail.com.

Round Information:

Round # Pariah Mission Primary Mission Mission Rule Deployment Terrain Layout
1 Q Supply Drop Rapid Escalation Sweeping Engagement 5
2 R Terraform Swift Action Sweeping Engagement 5
3 S Linchpin Raise Banners Dawn of War 5

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