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Gemini Mint Green-White with Orange Polyhedral Set

CHX 30020

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Dice color mix may not match exactly those shown in the picture. Due to the manufacturing process colors mixture and pattern cannot be controlled precisely.

Chessex Lab set.

This set is being released as a test print to see if these dice will enter the normal Chessex range of dice. This run is limited in quantity, but may enter normal production at a later date. 

Set contains 7 Polyhedral Dice

1 each of:
4 sided die
6 sided die
8 sided die
10 sided die
12 sided die
20 sided die
10 sided 10's digit die

Colors may vary slightly due to the manufacturing process.

Chessex is the longest running producer of high quality dice available. With over 140 styles available in a variety of colors and mixes, there is certainly a set of Chessex dice that would go great in a pallet for your character!