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The exact identity of the owner of the Doom Lords is unknown äóñ he is referred to commonly as äóÖThe Overfiendäó». When establishing his team, the Overfiend cut no corners. He hired the best coach money could buy and equipped him with the best assistants, entered into numerous dark pacts with various daemonic entities and searched long and hard for the best players who could be coerced into joining him. Those who refused soon learned that the Overfiend has a very literal interpretation of the term äóÖheadhuntingäó»...

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components needed to assemble The Doom Lords, a Chaos Chosen Blood Bowl team. The team consists of 4 Chaos Blockers and 8 Beastmen äóñ each Beastmanäó»s head is interchangeable, meaning your team can represent a unique fielding of horned aberrations! The Blockersäó» heads are interchangeable amongst themselves, too.

There are a host of extras in the kit äóñ 2 turn markers, 2 double-sided score coins in the shape of Chaos stars and 6 balls äóñ 2 each of a flaming ball, a skull ball and another skull ball, these lacking pegs. Supplied with 12 32mm Blood Bowl bases, a 1,000,000 GP roster and an Chaos transfer sheet.

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