Blood Bowl: The Nurgle's Rotters Team


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The Rotters rose to fame long ago, having the distinction of being one of the earliest Chaos teams on the circuit to dedicate themselves to a single Chaos god äóñ Grandfather Nurgle himself. Their patron was delighted, lavishing gifts and mutations upon his favoured followers. Today, despite numerous recent setbacks, the Rotters stand poised to once again spread their influence across the leagues and tournaments of the world, bringing Nurgleäó»s blessings to lands far and wideäó? 

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble Nurgleäó»s Rotters, a particularly foul and dripsome Nurgle team for use in games of Blood Bowl. Appropriately putrid and äóÖorrible, each player is mutated and pus-covered with exposed guts, claws and warts featuring heavily. The team consists of 4 Bloaters, 2 Pestigor and 6 Rotters.

There are a host of extras in the kit äóñ 2 turn markers, 2 double-sided score coins in the shape of Nurgleäó»s icon and 4 balls äóñ 2 of these are being chomped upon by a cheeky Nurgling, and 2 haveäó? somethingäó? emerging from them, all gribbly teeth and eldritch horror. Supplied with 12 32mm Blood Bowl bases, a 1,000,000 GP roster and a Nurgle transfer sheet.

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