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October 06, 2019 2 min read

Wave 10 of the Nolzur's and Deep Cuts lines from Wizkids are releasing in November.

If you are not familiar with these figures, they are exquisitely detailed miniatures designed for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and general role-playing games. Due to their license with both D&D and Pathfinder, you will find the iconic monsters, characters, and items from these games directly represented in these miniatures.
Here is the full list of miniatures releasing in the wave:

To see all of these figures, check out the WizKid's webpage at this link. And let us know which figures you want when you are next in the store. 

WZK73830 Female Human Paladin $4.99
WZK73831 Female Human Rogue $4.99
WZK73832 Female Human Sorcerer $4.99
WZK73833 Male Goliath Barbarian $4.99
WZK73834 Female Goliath Barbarian $4.99
WZK73835 Female Elf Cleric $4.99
WZK73836 Male Human Warlock $4.99
WZK73837 Female Human Warlock $4.99
WZK73838 Male Half-Elf Monk $4.99
WZK73839 Female Half-Elf Monk $4.99
WZK73840 Kenku Adventures $4.99
WZK73841 Succubus & Incubus $4.99
WZK73842 Iron Golem $4.99
WZK73843 Clay Golem $4.99
WZK73844 Drider $4.99
WZK73845 Grung $4.99
WZK73846 Air Elemental $4.99
WZK73847 Fire Elemental $4.99
WZK73848 Earth Elemental $4.99
WZK73849 Water Elemental $4.99
WZK73850 Black Dragon Wyrmling $4.99
WZK73851 Red Dragon Wyrmling $4.99
WZK73852 Blue Dragon Wyrmling $4.99
WZK73858 Tent & Lean-To $4.99
WZK73859 Bedrolls $4.99
WZK73860 Camp Fire & Sitting Log $4.99
WZK73861 Archery Range $4.99
WZK73862 Horse & Hitch $4.99
WZK73863 Well $4.99
WZK73864 Heroic Statue $4.99
WZK73865 Fountain $4.99
WZK73866 Bounty Board $4.99
WZK73868 Piles of Wood $4.99
WZK73869 Sign & Lights $4.99
WZK73870 Guards $4.99
WZK73871 Mayor & Town Crier $4.99
WZK73873 Guillotine $4.99
WZK73874 Hanging Cage $4.99
WZK73853 Male Half-Orc Druid $4.99
WZK73854 Male Elf Rogue $4.99
WZK73855 Necromancers $4.99
WZK73856 Bone Golem $4.99
WZK73857 Pit Devil $4.99