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October 06, 2019 1 min read

Welcome Sports fans! Great news has been released regarding those scaly monsters from Gwaka’moli. No, nachos monsters, the Crater Gators! Gwaka’moli Crater Gators, winners of last years To'pin Cup, are joining the majors. 

The Saurus have brought a new, skilled group of skinks, which were required after that championship game. Those poor grounds keepers had quite a job pulling the prior team members out the pitch. 

Speaking of pitch, have you seen the new stadium that was built for the Crater Gators? All of its amenities are in Spike Journal #7, which releases along side the team. Preorders for these will open on October 5th and are available when they appear in our preorders page

Enough about those Crater Gators, time to get to the main dish. The new Head Coach's Rules and Accessories is a 4 course meal of awesome. Templates, tokens, team sheets, and a cheat sheet for common rules are great for new and seasoned coaches. 
And we all love dice. 
Orders open on Oct 5th and these items release on Oct 12th.