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February 09, 2022 1 min read

Welcome back to our Warhammer 40k Leagues!

Our next 40k league will begin on February 14th and will last for 4 weeks. Sign up any time before the league ends, but the earlier the better, as this is an Achievement League. As you play games, you will be looking to finish off rows and columns on a bingo card, which will vary from person to person. Complete the rows and columns and unlock bonuses for future games. 

For the achievements, we will have things like "Play a game at 1000 points", "Play a game during week 1 or 3", and "End the turn with half of your army in your opponent's deployment zone." Completing a row or column will unlock a bonus like "Add 5 points to your roster total" or "Your Warlock may attempt a Deny the Witch roll as if they were a Psycher or, if already a psycher, may attempt an extra Deny the Witch once per game." 

The bonuses, while not game breaking, could be game changing. 

Sign ups for the league will be open on February 11th, though you may sign up the day you come to play your first league game. Game scheduling will be done through our Discord channel (Which you can join here).