Blood Bowl Humans League - Starts April 1st

February 26, 2022 2 min read

Attention Blood Bowl Coaches of the #Ourmada, we are starting another Blood Bowl League on April 1st! 

Yes, we will not have finished the in session league by then, but this one is different enough that we feel the overlap is perfectly fine. For this Blood Bowl League will be quite different from our standard format. 

Humans League

That is right, we are running a Human only team. Don't worry if you don't have a human team, you can use any team models for this league. This is because positional models are not needed, since we are all using Lineman. Let's see how you build out a Lineman only team? Will your skills be chosen for passing, running, blocking, utility? For this league, each Coach may only take Human Lineman, which will have modified skill sets. General, Agility, Strength, and Passing Skills will all be Primary and Mutations Secondary. So the world of skills is open to you. 


Our normal leagues have weekly assigned opponents. This League will not. For this league, each coach needs to play minimum 1 game per month with a maximum of 3 games per month, each against a different opponent. Our Discord is going to be used for game scheduling, updates, and news. 

Duration & Entry

The Humans League Season 1 will last for 6 months with a tournament at the end seeded by the standings at that time. Coaches may join the league at any time and need to play at least 1 game each month to stay active. Inactive teams will not be eligible for playoffs when standings lock in at the end of September.

Team Building

Each Coach will start with a treasury of 750k gold. The required 11 linemen take 550k gold, leaving 200k for customization of your team. 


1) Why start another league before the current one finishes? - The Difference in format for the two leagues will minimize interference of the two leagues. Also, the duration of this league will overlap with other leagues anyways, so why wait? 

2) Why Human Linemen? - Because they are the most basic of Blood Bowl positional. And allowing them to have all GASP skills as primary allows you, the coach, to build your team out how you want to. 

3) Why are Mutations Secondary? - Because Chaos is a thing, maybe your team follows one of the Old Gods and wants to show it on the field. 

4) But why are Mutations Secondary, not Primary? - Mutations are rare among the teams. So they are moved to Secondary to keep them rare in this League. 

5) But Lineman suck! - Sure, they are not great playmaking positionals out of the gate, but when everyone starts with them, we all suck equally.