TED Talk - Throne of Eldraine Product and Prerelease Info

September 09, 2019 2 min read

 - Throne of Eldraine brings the world of Grimm Fairy Tales to life in Magic: the Gathering. Throne is scheduled to release on October 4th, 2019, and here are the ways that you can get your hands on the new set. 

 - Preorders for these items begins on Sept 9th. 
  Booster Boxes are available for $125. Each box will come with a Buy-a-box promo and a Collectors Booster Pack while supplies last. A limited number of Booster Boxes will be available for pick up on Prerelease Weekend (Sept 27th-29th, more details below).

  Bundles are available for $45. A bundle comes with a storage box, spindown d20 with set emblem, 10 booster packs, and a package of basic lands. 

  Brawl Decks are available for $25. Available in Esper (WUB), Bant (GWU), Jund (RGW), and Mardu (WBR) colors.

  Themed Boosters are available for $8. Each booster will be themed to a particular color of Mana. 

  Collector's Boosters are available for $28. These booster packs will feature cards in 3 different frames and up to 5 Rare / Mythic cards.

Event Information

Prerelease Weekend - Sept 27th to 29th
Each event will be $27 per person and will last for 3 rounds. 
Prizes will be in booster packs of Throne of Eldraine based on match wins. Win 3 matches and receive 4 booster packs. Win 2 of the 3 rounds and win 1 booster pack. All players will receive a booster pack at the beginning of round 2 of each event. 
Raffle prizes include Magic 2020 Promo packs to at least 1 in 6 players drawn at random in each event. 

Friday - Sept 27th
3 pm Sealed
7 pm Sealed
Saturday - Sept 28th
11 am Sealed
3 pm Sealed
7 pm 2 Headed Giant Sealed
Sunday - Sept 29th 
11 am 2 Headed Giant Sealed
3 pm Sealed
7 pm Sealed

Release Weekend - Oct 4th - 6th
Standard events as of October 4th will have Throne of Eldraine legal for play and Ixalan, Rivals, Dominaria, and M19 will no longer be legal.
FNM Drafts will be Throne of Eldraine.

Saturday - Oct 5th
1 pm - Throne of Eldraine Bundle Sealed. Entry $50. Each player will receive a Throne of Eldraine Bundle to open and build their deck with. 
4 pm & 7 pm Throne of Eldraine Drafts. $13 entry, standard prizes.
Sunday - Oct 6th
1 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm Throne of Eldraine Drafts

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