May 23, 2022 3 min read

It is time, Magic Players, to return to the Forgotten Realms and explore Baldur's Gate! Starting June 3rd, Prerelease for the next set of Magic, Commander Legends - The Battle for Baldur's Gate will be available for pick up and play, and prerelease events are going to be a bit different...

Prerelease Events and Details

Prerelease Week runs from June 3rd to June 8ths. Entry fee is $24 per person. We will have scheduled events on Friday and Saturday at 3 pm, 5:30 pm, and 8 pm both days. Each event will have a 32 person cap. This schedule is a hefty change from prior prerelease due to format change. 

For prerelease for Baldur's Gate, each event is a draft (usually a sealed). The prerelease packs contain 3 Draft boosters of Baldur's Gate and a prerelease promo. For each of the events, players will be put into pods based on the usual standards. You will draft within your pod from the packs provided. Each player will open their prerelease pack, look at their promo card and add that card to their draft pool. Then each player will open one pack, take two cards, and pass the rest. Everything except the "Take 2 cards" will be identical to draft procedures. If you have never drafted before, it is a sweet format that takes a little planning and adjusting to what cards are available. 

Once all 3 packs are drafted, players will make a 60 card deck, including their Commander and Backgrounds, that adheres to the Commander Limited Deck Building Rules. 

  • Minimum 60 cards, including Commander and Background.
  • No cards in your deck that do not contain the color identities of your Commander / Background.
  • Multiple copies of the same card may be used if all of them were drafted by you in this event.
  • Basic Lands make be added to finish your deck.

Once everyone has their decks ready, a single game will be played with 3-5 player pods and each player will receive a Set Booster of Baldur's Gate at the beginning of the game. 

But what about the rest of the week? you may ask... Well, while we don't have prerelease events scheduled throughout the week, Prerelease at home kits and presale boxes will be available. Grab some friends and come on up to the store. Grab a kit each and sit down to battle! 

Prerelease at Home

If you would like to play with your own group, at another location, or just want prerelease packs, we will have them available. You will need to sign up for the at-home event and will receive a Set Booster of Baldur's Gate with each kit. 

Early Sale Set and Draft Booster Boxes

We will have a limited number of both Set and Draft Booster Boxes available for sale, while supplies last, for the week of Prerelease. You can put your order in early to guarantee your product, if you don't want to rush up on store open on June 3rd. Payment is required at time the order is placed. 

Draft booster boxes are $119.99 and come with 24 packs for on hand boxes prior to release on June 10th. 
Set booster boxes are $124.99 and come with 18 packs. for on hand boxes prior to release on June 10th. 

Sign ups for prerelease and reservations for presale boxes are available now!