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January 04, 2024 2 min read

Greetings Crew!

2023 was a fantastic year for our monthly painting competitions, and we are happy to announce we will be continuing them in 2024. As they say, the only true constant is change, and we are changing some things up for this year based on feedback from last year. 


For 2024, we are changing up the form of our competitions. The 3-week format allowed for a wider variety of projects, but many people did not have the time to participate. Because of this, we are going to a 6-week timeframe with each event starting on the 2nd Monday of the odd numbered month. For example, the first competition will start on January 8th, this coming Monday, with models due on February 17th. The following event will start on March 11th, giving a 3 week break between them. 
Pictures will be taken of each model once the submission period is over. They will be posted to our Facebook, Discord, and in store, all with painter accreditation. 


In 2022, we did "The Party", a year-long theme with role-playing game party roles finishing up with their villain. For 2023, we did "Concepts", a more open theme set that provided us with a plethora of awesome figures. 
This year, our themes are themed around Techniques. Each month will build upon the technique already run, hopefully expanding your horizons in minis painting in a fun and approachable way.
Spoiler for Monday's announcement, January's theme is Black / Grey / White. This is a specific technique of shading and highlighting using monochrome. When executed properly, it can lead to stunning details on a model. 


One thing we are not changing is our entry fee. Each event will have a $2 entry fee plus your choice of model from the Reaper or Wizkids models. The prize pool will be 100% of the entry fee and a portion of the models purchase price split among the top 3rd (or so) of submitted models. 
While this is a competition, it is our goal to keep this friendly, allowing you to explore and experiment with the theme on a model of your choice. The model is yours to keep once the competition is complete, after all. 

Cover Image is Curious Rocky by April A, from our November 2023 competition.