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October 29, 2021 2 min read

Hello there Magic players of the #Ourmada Crew!

Innistrad: Crimson Vow prerelease will be upon us soon. Events start on November 12th and run through the 18th and full release is on November 19th. 

For prerelease, we will be hosting 6 events

  • Nov 12th, Friday 3 pm
  • Nov 12th, Friday 7 pm
  • Nov 13th, Saturday 2 pm
  • Nov 13th, Saturday 6 pm
  • Nov 16th, Tuesday at 7 pm
  • Nov 18th, Thursday at 7 pm

Each of these events are $30 entry. Players will receive a Prerelease Kit for Crimson Vow containing 6 Draft booster packs, a spin down d20, and a prerelease promo. Each event is capped at 24 players and sign ups open on October 29th. 
We will play 3 rounds of swiss pairings (you are not out with a loss), and then give out prizes. Win 0 or 1 round and get 1 Draft booster pack, Win 2 rounds and get 2 Draft booster packs, Win all 3 rounds and get 4 Draft booster packs of Crimson Vow. 

We will also have a very limited number of Draft Booster Boxes available for early sales. The price for a Crimson Vow Draft Booster Box is $110 for presale boxes. 

Now to the bad news. 

Wizards of the Coast is experiencing shipping delays, you can read their announcement here. Because of this, we will not have Set Booster Boxes for presale and will have a very limited number of them available upon release. Additionally, we will not have VOW buy-a-box promos until who knows when. 

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about the Set Boosters. However, we do have a plethora of buy-a-box promos available from prior sets. So instead of the Crimson Vow buy-a-box promos, we will be giving out 2 of our earlier promos per booster box.