2021 March Painting Competition - The Isle of Naboombo!

March 01, 2021 2 min read


January's Painting competition has wrapped up and it is time for March's Painting Competition to begin. We are going back to basics with this one and are putting together a Creature Feature!
Whether they travel by wing or by claw,
Whether they hunt by fang or by paw, 
Be they Magical or Mundane,
Creatures will be featured,
Monsters will be mashed!
And following the rules of the Isle of Naboombo,
No Human(oids) allowed! 

How to participate

Getting in on this competition is super easy. Just stop by the store, pick out your figure, and pay $2 to sign up. Then you paint up your figure however you wish and bring the finished figure back to the store by March 27th. Judging will take place from March 29th & 30th. Figures can be picked up from the store after April 1st 
Pictures of all submitted models will be posted to our Facebook Page on March 29th.

Who is judging?

Michael & Aaron will be the final arbiters!


1) Can I purchase multiple figures for testing?
Absolutely you can. However, you can only submit a single monstrous figure

1a) What do you mean by monster? 
For the purposes of this competition, "Monster" is any non-humanoid figure. You could submit a mundane animal figure or a dragon. Gelatinous Cubes, aberrations, unicorns, griffons, brass bull, and dinosaurs are all great figures to paint up and bring in. 
Due to the Rule of Naboombo, you need to avoid Humanoid figures. This includes Lycanthropes and other anthropomorphized figures, as well as most Angel and Demon figures. 

2) Is modification of the figures allowed? 
Absolutely. These are your figures, go wild if you wish, but don't get so elaborate that you cannot finish the figure in time. 

3) Are there prizes?
Yes there are. 100% of the entry fee and a portion of the model price will be split up among the finalists, as decided by Michael and Aaron. Generally we split the pool evenly among the top 3rd of the entries. 

4) I want to show off my figure early, where can I post pictures
Join us over on our Discord Channel and post pictures in the Monthly Painting Competition.

5) Can I modify the figure or add elements to it? 
Let's take a page from Bob Ross, "It's your model, you're the creator." Base it, modify it, customize it however you wish. You do not have to customize the model and not modifying it will not disqualify your figure from top standings. 

6) Will there be more of these?
That is the plan. We may skip months occasionally, but plan to have painting competitions frequently.

7) I am not good at painting, should I participate? 
Painting is a hobby and an acquired skill. The more you paint, the better you will become. If you would like constructive feedback on your figure, please just ask. We would be happy to assist you!

8) I want help pulling off an effect or technique. How can I get tips?
Join us on our Discord Channel and we would be happy to help. 

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