March 23, 2019 1 min read

In January, we announced a bunch of changes to the way we have run miniatures leagues here at Armada Games. Now that Age of Sigmar league is complete and 40k is half way through, we are announcing some changes for the 2nd round of Leagues based on feed back we have received from the players. 

The most common feed back is that the leagues overlapped too much, making it harder to participate in more than 1 league. As many of the players participate in more than one game, this was one we needed to look at. Scheduling for Leagues is going to be spaced out a bit, overlapping by 2 weeks instead of 3. This will cause the leagues to cycle through a bit slower, but will give each league more time to shine. 

During the first cycle of leagues, we have had numerous players new to the game and the store. As we still have several weeks until cycle 2 starts, we have decided to run Slow Grow Leagues for Age of Sigmar and 40k. For Kill Team, we will be running the Arena League from Games Workshop.

Details on each of these leagues will be posted in the coming weeks.

 And the Schedule

Age of Sigmar League will begin on April 22nd, last for 6 weeks, and be a Slow Grow League (aka an Escalation League). 

40k League will begin on May 20th, last for 6 weeks, and be a Slow Grow League (aka an Escalation League). 

Kill Team League will begin on June 17th, last for 6 weeks, and will be an Arena League.