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February 19, 2019 1 min read

Sealed is a Magic tournament format where each player is given the same assortment of booster packs to build a deck and play with. This format is used primarily in Prerelease events and for the first portion of Limited Magic Fests and Protour Qualifiers. It is also a great format for wacky card combinations and cards that are not strong enough for constructed. 

In a sealed tournament, each player is given 6 packs. There are 6 sets in Standard. So for this event, each player will receive 1 booster pack of each of the Standard sets. After time to assess their cards and build decks, players will play 4 rounds and collect some booster packs at the end. 

This is a fun, light weight event that is great for new and experienced players interested in having some fun in a tournament format. If you are not familiar with tournaments, this is a great one to join in and see how we run them.