January 07, 2019 2 min read

Blood Bowl is the game of Fantasy Football. Teams of Orcs, Humans, Skaven, Undead, and more form a team and play a game of Football. Throw the ball and score touchdowns, or take a dirtier route and try to knock out all of your opponent's players, either way can carry you to victory.

Blood Bowl is a great entry point for hobby miniatures games, as a team is only 11-16 models. The models from Games Workshop are easy to assemble and there are a myriad of ways to paint the figures. 

There are two ways to play Blood Bowl, Tournaments and Leauges, and we will be hosting both throughout the year. Lets dive into the plan for the Leagues in this post and save the Tournaments for later. 

The Schedule

Armada Games will be hosting 4 Blood Bowl Leagues in 2019.
Season 1 will begin on January 21st, Season 2 on April 22nd, Season 3 on July 15th, and Season 4 on September 30th. This schedule will leave a couple weeks between seasons to cool off and prepare your team for the following Season. Players may join at any time, you do not have to participate in Season 1 to play Season 2. 

Season 1

A 6 week season will begin on January 21st as the first Season in the 2019 Leagues. Teams for Season 1 will be built a little differently from prior Leagues. 
Coaches (that is you) will have 1,200,000 gold to spend on the initial team. This money can be spent on all the normal things, like players, assistant coaches, and rerolls, but can also be used to buy advancements for some of your players. 

Any player on the team can start at Level 2 with 6 Star Player Points and your choice of a skill. The cost of the skill is added to your player's value and is part of your budget. A Single Player may start with a skill reserved for that position's double roll and another player may start with a Stat upgrade. These upgrades are limited to 1 per player.

At the start of the League, a schedule of games will be published with each Coach's opponent for each week of the League. It is up to you to schedule your game and get it played on time. 

At the conclusion of the league, there will be a 2 level play off to find out which team is the Champion for the Season. Teams will receive 1,200,000 Gold plus 10,000 for each game played and 10,000 more for each game won. This will be your budget to redraft your team for Season 2. 



More on Season 2, and further Seasons, as they approach. 

In the meantime, get those teams ready. It is going to be a great year for Blood Bowl here at Armada Games. 

If you want a new team, dice, pitches, or any other Games Workshop Blood Bowl Product, we have you covered. Head over to Blood Bowlsection of our store.