September 03, 2021 1 min read

The Werewolves are on the hunt in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and prerelease is coming in just a couple weeks. 

September 17th is the start date to Prerelease week here at Armada. We have 6 events for you all to participate in as we explore what is happening on Magic's plane of gothic horror! 

Events are $30 per person and will be 3 rounds of swiss pairings with Set Booster pack prizing. 
Sept 17th - Friday 3 pm & 7 pm
Sept 18th - Saturday 2 pm & 6 pm
Sept 21st - Tuesday 7 pm
Sept 23rd - Thursday 7 pm

If you are looking for some packs to open, we will have both Set Booster Boxes and Draft Booster Boxes available for purchase as of today. Delivery will happen on or after Sept 17th. 

Set Booster Boxes are $115 presale and Draft Booster Boxes are $110 presale. Buy a box promos are available while supplies last. 

Join us for some fun and games during the prerelease for the newest Magic set!

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