July 31, 2021 2 min read

Warhammer 40k League is back, #Ourmada Crew! 

This league is going to run for 4 weeks, starting on August 16th. Each week will have a specific point value for you to make your army rosters. 

  • Week 1:August 16th to 22nd– 1000 pts
  • Week 2:August 23rd to 29th– 1500 pts
  • Week 3:August 30th to September 5th– 1500 pts
  • Week 4:September 6th to 12th– 2000 pts

Through the league, you may play any numbers of games per week, but may only score a single game against each unique opponent. Scoring is similar to our prior leagues, in that you will get a certain number of points based on win / loss each game and your weekly scores will be an average of the your game scores. 

New to our leagues is an achievement list named Marks of Honor. Each league will have 3 Marks of Honor that players will track through the games they play. For this league, the following Marks of Honor are being used:

  • First into the Breech – Count the number of times your charge rolls totaled 11 or 12.
  • Hunt the Head – Eliminate your opponent’s Warlord with your own Warlord.
  • Master of the Black Robes - Count the number of times your opponent fails a "Deny the Witch" test against your Psychic Powers.

Players that win a Mark of Honor will get to pick one of the three Marks of Honor used in the next league. 

Full details are available in store. Sign ups are available now and run through the end of the league. 

To facilitate games, preferred game nights are Friday and Saturday. 
To schedule games easily, join our Discord Channel [Link here] to talk with other players and make sure you have a game set before you come up.