May 15, 2021 2 min read

The wait is over, #Ourmada Crew. As of May 17th, the game room at Armada Games will be back open. There are some details we need go over and make sure are clear, though.

First off, store hours will be Monday to Saturday from Noon to 9 pm, for now. Store hours will be going back to normal over time, we need to test the waters and make sure everything is good before we go deeper.

Tournaments will be coming back later. Leagues may be arriving sooner. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Discord server, and here for more information on these later.

Table Availability

Currently, we have 8 tables available with limited seating. Four of the tables are the high top, minis tables, the other 4 being banquet tables. Access to the tables will be on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to check in on table availability, give us a call before you head up. We cannot guarantee that a table will be available when you get here. If this becomes a problem, we will address table reservations at that time.

Masks, Vaccines, & Covid

Ok, lets talk about the elephant in the room.

We are aware of and are following State, Federal, and CDC Guidelines.
At this time (for they change frequently), we are asking our guests to be awesome people and follow the guidelines. 

Please realize we cannot ask for proof of vaccination, as such, we will not require the showing of a vaccine card for entry or play in the store (this is illegal per state law and is not up for discussion or debate.)

We know all of the #Ourmada Crew are awesome people. Please be awesome to each other and the Officers.

If you would like to comment or express concern about anything, please message us on Facebook or Discord, call us, or talk to Aaron or Michael when you come up to the store.