May 06, 2020 2 min read

Angarath Goldbelt painted by Layne"So, you want to learn about monsters, eh?" Angarath said to the young human. "Well, you aren't the first to ask me about them, but you may be the youngest. Just know, youngling, that though "monsters" they may be, many of these are honorable creatures in the own right. The only reason they are the monsters and not us is because we are who we are and they are what they are. 

So let's take a walk through monsters I have seen, fought, and talked to over the years on the road and you can dream about meeting them one day, or even figure out which is your favorite..."

Welcome to the Armada Games May Monster Menagerie Bracket!

For those that followed our Board Game Bracket, this one is going to work very similarly to the it. Each day at 3 pm, a poll will be posted to our Facebook Page to find out which is the more popular monster among the #Ourmada.

Instead of Michael talking about the monsters, we are tagging in Angarath Goldbelt, an experienced Bard (don't just him for being a Half-Orc, please). He will be our guide through a whos-who list of great monsters from Dungeons and Dragons. 

One note about the bracket: we purposefully left all Dragons out of the bracket due to belief of an auto win. We are planning something for them in the future. 

Below is the bracket, so you can start planning out predictions. That's right, at the end of Round 1 we are going to pause the polls for 4 days to let each of you put in predictions on how the bracket will complete. There will be prizes for the best predictions announced at the end of the Bracket.

Join us in another fun Bracket Challenge and we look forward to seeing how it plays out. Good luck! 


The miniature for Angarath was painted by Layne.

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