X-Wing Bomb Token Set


Bomb the mess out of your opponent and do it with flair using these custom laser engraved bomb tokens.

Each set comes with 1 each of the following
Proximity Mine - Ruby (Translucent Dark Red)
Conner Net - Sharknado (Translucent Medium Blue)
Cluster Bomb - Smokey Quartz (Translucent Black)
Seismic Charge - Turn Signal (Translucent Medium Yellow)
Ion Bomb - Pool Water (Translucent Fluorescent Blue)
Proton Bomb - Amethyst (Translucent Dark Purple)
Thermal Detonator - Orange Fanta (Translucent Fluorescent Orange)

See our Color Sample Chart for more information.

Collections: Tokens and Markers

Category: SW X-Wing, Tokens

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