Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron


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ŒæLieutenants act as the right hands of their Captains by providing flexibility and helping to direct their battle-brothers in engagements. Battle Companies are often split into 2 Demi-companies, each of which falls under the command of a Lieutenant who leads his brothers unflinchingly into battle. Blood Angels Lieutenants are expected to take command, should a superior officer fall to the Red Thirst, and assume the role of the Sword of Sanguinius äóñ failure is the only unforgivable sin in this role, while victory excuses any amount of savagery.Œæ

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble Lieutenant Tolmeron of the Blood Angels. Clad in Mk X äóÖTacticusäó» power armour, Tolmeron comes with a power sword and bolt pistol äóñ he can be modelled either holding the bolt pistol along with the power sword, or carrying the pistol in a belt-mounted holster. Heäó»s covered in appropriate Blood Angels iconography, from the sculpted shoulder pads to the iron halo atop his backpack. You have the choice of modelling Tolmeron with either a Blood Angels helmet, or a bare head with a huge scar across the right eye.Œæ

Lieutenant Tolmeron comes as 15 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.


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