AOE Blast Keys


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Darkness 10+ $3.99 Buy
Sapphire 10+ $3.99 Buy
Emerald 10+ $3.99 Buy
Orange Crush 10+ $3.99 Buy
Amethyst 10+ $3.99 Buy
Smokey Quartz 10+ $3.99 Buy
Turn Signal 10+ $3.99 Buy
Pool Water 10+ $3.99 Buy
Antifreeze 10+ $3.99 Buy
Neon Pink 10+ $3.99 Buy
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Blasting your enemies with AOE's has never been easier.  Need to figure out if another model is within a blast?  Bulky blast templates give you questionable results?

These blast keys are for you.  Simply place the key touching the base of the model where the AOE is centered, any other models touching the key are within range of the blast.

Each set comes with 1 of each of the following:
3" Blast key
4" Blast key
5" Blast key

These are laser cut and engraved, all text is filled white to give superb contrast and visibility while on the table.

Each set is made from 1/8 inch acrylic.

See our Color Sample Chart for more information.

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