65-25mm Move Tray 3 Fig Team .25 gap


10+ Available

Playing horde armies? Have to many models to move and play at a decent speed? We have the solution for you.

These 1/8" thick solid MDF movement trays are laser cut to ensure as precise and uniform size as possible. These come as a 2 piece package, 1 top piece with cut outs for 1 65mm (Heavy Weapons Team and other GW Large bases) and 3 25mm bases and 1 bottom without cut outs. The trays give a 1/4 inch border around and between all base slots, as a balance between close formation and the ability to make them scenic to match your figures individual bases.

Each package comes with 1 set of movement trays.

Movement trays come unassembled. We recommend using wood glue for the best results.

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