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Star Wars Destiny Buy List

We will turn your extra or unwanted Star Wars: Destiny cards into money. Would you like to do this? This is the information you need.

All cards must be English printing or Aurebesh Promos and must be official card & dice from Fantasy Flight Games. 

Where to start:

  • Review our current buy list prices and select the cards you wish to sell to us.  Our Buy Lists have the date they were created on the bottom left of the pages. We will lock prices in from the most recent posted buy list prior to when we received your initial email.  *The buy list prices are good for up to 4 copies of a card. Copies after 4 may reduce in price.
  • Sort those cards by set and then alphabetically by name.
    1. Email a list of those cards to sellyourstuff at armadagames dot com.
    2. Include your full name in the email and “Selling: [Game System]” in the subject.
    3. List of cards you wish to sell should be formatted the following way.
      1. Card Name, Set, Quantity, Buy Price. 
      2. Example: AT-ST, Awakenings, 2, $3.00
  • We will review your list within 2 business days and inform you of the cards we wish to purchase from you and an initial total. This amount could change if you submit cards that are not in near mint condition.
  • Pack the approved cards.
    1. Dice should be bagged by set. Ziplock bags are acceptable.
    2. Cards should be secured within the package sorted as above. Loose or rubber banded cards could lead to the entire purchase being declined.  Cards not sorted as described above will incur a 10% reduction of the overall purchase price.
    3. If sending multiple boxes, number the boxes on the outside “1 of 2” & “2 of 2”, etc, as applicable.
    4. Flat rate boxes from USPS are very affordable and convenient.  They are considered Priority Shipping which gives a 2-3 day delivery time.  You can find more information on them at https://www.usps.com/ship/priority-mail.htm.
    5. Please be sure there is enough packing material inside the package to prevent damage to the contents. DO NOT use packing peanuts.
  • Mail packages to
    c/o Armada Games
    10910 N 56thSt
    Temple Terrace, FL 33617
    1. We always suggest you ship with tracking and insurance. We are not responsible for lost packages.
  • Email us the carrier and tracking information.


Once we receive the package we will:


  • We will notify you by email that we have received your package.
  • Verify the order within 2 business days and grade the cards sent then notify you of completion.
  • If there are no issues, we will confirm the payment amount and method.
    1. Payment options are Check mailed (please allow up to 10 days for arrival), Paypal, or Store Credit.
    2. If store credit is chosen, we will create and email you a Discount Code you can use for purchases.  If the Discount Code amount issued is greater than the amount of your next purchase, then we will issue you another Discount Code for the balance.
  • If there are issues, we will contact you to resolve them before proceeding.
  • Return of incomplete, extra, or heavily worn objects will be at your expense.

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