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Counter Charge Podcast - Your Podcast for All things Kings of War

Counter Charge: Your Podcast For All Things Kings of War!

The brain child of Rob Phaneuf, Andrew Sherman, and Mark Zielinski we launched our podcast on Sept 8th, 2013 originally known as Mantic Radio. Over the next 2 years we recorded 31 episodes as we explored the full range of offerings from Mantic Games. However, during the summer of 2015 everything changed for us with the release of Kings of War 2nd edition. Kings of War was finally a fully developed war game and it became our sole passion. We switched the format exclusively to Kings of War and let others pick up the mantles for the other game systems. More significant, we changed the name of the show to Counter Charge, to better reflect the focus of the show going forward. We launched our 1st episode of Counter Charge on August 2nd, 2015. We’ve had a few changes along the way but what will never change is our Passion for Kings of War and the community that surrounds it.

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