Brace Tokens


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Upgrade your Star Wars Armada playing experience with these laser cut and full color printed status tokens.

Tokens are cut from 1/8" thick clear acrylic then printed using the latest printing technology to give you a durable scratch resistant full color token to take your game up a notch. The artwork has been done in a way that they look good and can be read from across the table making them easy to see for both you and your opponent.

Each token is "double sided", which is to say they have different images from and back to distinguish the status of each token.

These tokens are slightly larger than the standard tokens that come with the base game and ships, this was done to help with visibility. Token dimensions are 7/8" wide by 1.25" long.

Each pack of tokens come in a resealable zip lock bag to help keep them organized.

Token set comes with 5 tokens (ship shown for scale and is not included)

Tokens come with a brown kraft paper on the back which can easily be removed, once removed it reveals the reverse side image.

These tokens are compatible with Star Wars Armada and are NOT official tokens.
Tokens are not indestructible, nothing is.

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