3 to 9 Inch Magnetic Movement Sticks


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These Magnetic Movement sticks are a modular set that help you get your 30mm, 40mm or 50mm models movement done in a jiffy.  

This is a modular magnetic set, each of the Start and End pieces are precision cut to ensure an exact movement for each base size not just the 30mm bases.  The Start and End pieces simply snap on and off making transition from one base size to the next a smooth and almost effortless thing.

These are made to give you the movement listed on each Bridge by simply snapping the correct Start and End piece to the Bridge then putting the stick in front of the model and moving the model to the other end.  Good clean precise measurement in a snap.
Each Bridge piece is 30mm wide, so they double as a spacer to see if you have the room to move between other models.  At 30mm wide these also make handy Ball Path checks for Guild Ball.

Try these handy dandy movement sticks out.

This 21 piece set comes each of the following:
1 - 30mm 4" Movement Bridge
1 - 30mm 5" Movement Bridge
1 - 30mm 6" Movement Bridge
1 - 30mm 7" Movement Bridge
1 - 30mm 8" Movement Bridge
1 - 30mm 9" Movement Bridge
2 - 30mm Start
2 - 30mm End
2 - 40mm Start
2 - 40mm End
2 - 50mm Start
2 - 50mm End

These are laser cut and engraved, all text is filled white to give superb contrast and visibility while on the table.

Each set is made from 1/8 inch acrylic.

See our Color Sample Chart for more information.

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